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Welcome to Online Booking with Richmond Counselling, offering counselling support to adult individuals, couples, children, adolescents and families.  We hope you find Online Booking to be a helpful way for you to quickly and easily book an appointment with our psychologists and counsellors.  We are aware however that technology can sometimes be frustrating or challenging for some people.  If you experience any difficulties, please feel free to call us and we'll happily book an appointment over the phone or help walk you through the online booking process.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to best help her current clients, we are sorry to say that Kelly Kavanagh is NOT ACCEPTING new clients at the current time.  We have Dr. Randall Gillis who is a child Psychologist, and Christy Waisman and Veralyn Chan who are Registered Clinical Counsellors all of whom are highly trained and experienced in working with child / adolescent and family issues. When Kelly is taking new clients again, this notice will be removed. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be more available for his current clients, we are also sorry to say that Dr. Jonathan McVicar is NOT ACCEPTING new clients at the current time.  We have Dr. Alina Sotskova and Natasha Karim (both Registered Psychologists) who are highly trained and experienced in all adult and relationship issues.  When Jonathan is taking new clients again, this notice will be removed.

 If you are a NEW client for either Dr. Alina Sotskova (Registered Psychologist), Dr. Randall Gillis (Registered Psychologist), Christy Waisman (MA, RCC), Kelly Kavanagh (MA., MEd, Registered Psychologist), Dr. Jonathan McVicar (Registered Psychologist), Veralyn Chan (MA, RCC), or Natasha Karim, (Registered Psychologist) please write a sentence or two describing the issue that brings you to counselling.   ALSO, we strongly recommend that when booking your initial time, that you also book two follow up times that work for your schedule that are a week or two weeks apart from your initial time.  Thank you for giving us the chance to help you and / or your family. 

PLEASE NOTE: When booking online, please ensure that you get a confirmation email or your appointment is NOT booked.  We've had 2 or 3 unfortunate situations where clients did not complete the final step and their appointment was not confirmed.  Thank you!  We hope you enjoy the convenience of online booking.  Jonathan, Kelly, Randall, Christy, Alina, Veralyn and Natasha.




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